What is philosophical consulting?

It's a bit like life coaching, only your coach has the skills of a trained philosopher. What skills, you ask? A philosophical consultant will:

  • Listen intently and help you clarify your thoughts.
  • Ask the really important questions.
  • Help you examine your assumptions.
  • Help free you from dysfunctional commitments and expectations.
  • Help you discover the passion, purpose and joy that come with living your deepest values.

Can I benefit from philosophical consulting?

Most people can. Questions like these can help you decide whether the process is right for you:

  • Do I enjoy a rich sense of meaning and purpose?
  • Can I achieve more clarity about what matters to me?
  • Am I satisfied with my direction in life? Am I content?
  • Am I living my values?
  • Am I happy with who I am?
  • Do I need to rethink my career?
  • Do I need to mindfully re-design my life?

For thousands of years, philosophers have guided people through the process of mindfully redesigning their lives. This process has freed literally millions to live more fully. It can help you too.

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