Dr. Andy Norman

Dr. Andy Norman

Co-founder of Mattering Theory

Dr. Norman helped work out the foundational principles of "mattering theory" - a disciplined way of gaining clarity about what matters. He is a leader in the field. He enjoys helping people apply it in their lives.

Inventor of Cognitive Immunotherapy

Cognitive immunotherapy is a powerful new approach to identifying dysfunctional ideas and freeing yourself from their influence. Dr. Norman literally wrote the book on cognitive immunology.

Certified in Client Counseling

Certified by the Board of Professional Examiners of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), an organization dedicated to applying philosophy to real-world problems.

Ph.D. in Philosophy

Dr. Norman earned his doctorate from Northwestern University. Since then, he has taught at elite universities, advised hundreds of young adults, and provided life coaching to thousands.

Ethics Consultant

Many people struggle to align their lives with their deepest values. Or their organizations with its stated values. Philosophers have helped people address such problems for thousands of years.